Kokpar/ Kok-Boru/ Ulak-Tartysh/ Ulak-Kupkari/ Buzkashi

Kokpar/ Kok-Boru/ Ulak-Tartysh/ Ulak-Kupkari/ Buzkashi

“Kokpar”, “Kok-Boru”, “Ulak-Tartysh”, “Ulak-Kupkari”, “Buzkashi” is a horseback game of the Turkic people.

In ancient times, this traditional game was created due to need for protection from enemies, i.e., in peacetime peoples from Asia used to improve men’s military skills. For example, during the war, a man trained to play it could save his wounded fellow picking him up at high speed. All equestrian games of the Asian people are aimed at mastering courage, agility, and speed of young men.

A team shall consist of 12 players. 4 players from each team play, i.e., 8 players compete with each other. After a judge’s order players shall replace each other in the course of the game. In the framework of the World Nomad Games, the game shall be played according to the international rules established and signed in 2019 (see below).

Currently, the game is conducted on a specially equipped field, which length if 220m, width – 70m. Two teams try to make more salyms to their circle. The distance between circles is 180m.

The game has 2 stages of 20 minutes. There is a 10-minute break between stages. A team with a greater number of salyms is the winner of the game.

Rules and Regulations: Download Here

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