Kazakh Kuresi​

Kazakh Kuresi​

Kazakh Traditional Wrestling

Kazakh Kuresi is a type of traditional wrestling from Kazakhstan and is one of the oldest Kazakh traditional sports. Wrestlers dress in special jackets with fabric belts. The goal is to throw the opponent on the ground. Wrestlers stand during the bout and can grab their opponent anywhere above the belt. They are not allowed to grab feet or lie on the ground. 

There are many techniques used by different wrestlers – grabbing the clothing or belts, seizing arms or torso, sweeps, hooks, shoves, and throws across the back, hip and chest are allowed. 

Kazakh Kuresi: National Wrestling (the Republic of Kazakhstan). Composition of the teams: 7 people: 6 athletes, 1 coach. 

Athletes older than 18 are allowed to take part in the competitions. In all weight categories a maximum of 1 athlete is allowed.

Weight categories:
Men (3): 60Kg, 80Kg, +100Kg 
Women (3): 55Kg, 65Kg, +65kg 

Competitions are held under the current rules of the Kazakh Kuresi Association. The winner in the absolute weight category has a right to take part in the Great Nomad Wrestling


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