Kapyshmaly Aba Wrestling

Kapyshmaly Aba Wrestling

National belt wrestling (Republic of Turkiye)

The team consists of 7 people: 6 athletes, 1 coach.

Athletes aged 18 and over are allowed to participate in competitions. Challenge Aba Wrestling It is a type of freestyle wrestling. Athletes wrestle by wearing cloaks and shorts.

Wrestling Time; It’s 5 minutes. In the case of a tie, it is extended by 5 minutes. If there is a tie in the overtime, a 5-minute gold point will be applied. In this case, if there is a tie, the winner is determined by drawing lots.


  1. When the opponent’s two shoulders are on the ground
  2. When the opponent is in the bridge position
  3. The wrestler who received three warnings
  4. The Wrestler loses when he loses the first point in the extra time.

Weights: 65kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 90kg, +90kg

Kapyshmaly Aba Wrestling is performed in accordance with the competition instructions of the Turkish Traditional Sports Federation.

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